In Ontology Unto you.

I’m pretty sure that veteran writers and skeptics might agree that yesterday’s post was a sad excuse for poetry. Here’s what else it’s a demonstration of: overcoming the illusion of writer’s block. Like fear, man-made limitations only exist when they appear real if and only if we give them power. Fear does nothing if you act in spite of it the moment it appears.

Holding yourself back because you don’t have what you think is a good idea in your head to express in any medium holds you back from expressing at all. In the case of my post yesterday, there are a couple of seeds in there that can be acted upon because I wrote and published it anyway. Stanza four might reveal some colorful potential in relation to fiction and physics for instance.

“A universe unto you” is Tom Bilyeu’s call for you to check out The Nerdwriter’s content, since he may inspire you to find the universe unto you. Ontology itself is a study of being, and is considered a branch of metaphysics. Couldn’t your subconscious’ collection of your experiences be likened to this definition?

Ontology: “A set of concepts and categories in a subject area or domain that shows their properties and the relations between them.” source

Darkness has it’s time and place, usually it’s behind the light. Darker expressions, like I mentioned yesterday, yield lessons for all of us. Consider the potential that the negative circumstances we continually experience turned out to be like groundhog day – with a specific lesson for us to learn to move forward? If you replace ‘heaven and hell’ with ‘light and dark’, you have a pretty high study of their equilibrium here.

Enter Ontology, or any concept for that matter, and see what it can do for you. If you’re wondering how to enter a concept, consider this: have you ever entered a system — a business — an event — a website?

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