Autumn Darkness.

Was it a cyclical lapse, a cynical addict?
A painted impression. Burning
at the stake in the mind for
all that’s good, even when it’s gone.

Here for the booze,
Hit the snooze alarm, you
will see in a couple of years.
You already knew, didn’t you?

That to lose is to lose,
Even by your own hand?
What lessons does it bring for you?

Did you crystallize your sand,
Perhaps it’s burnt?
A buried sandcastle, lying in a dirt coffin.

Vitrified, let the compromises go
Throw out the boiling water,
But be sure you don’t burn yourself!
I’ve heard being boiled alive is worse than a sun burn!

I sure don’t want to know,
But if you decide to be a pro self- boiler,
bury yourself in the leaves of your yields.
See how quickly autumn fades into a human sea,
one of despair and longing.

And the leaves go by,
Years gone over a solar cycle.
Each leaf, ever-present.
Continuing its’ unique expression.

And any could burn in their own way,
Given the time and places – insane.
If only a leaf could change its’ direction,
Find its’ way to a pond for reflection.

Glass leaves, falling from every tree.
Making a darkness out of the light,
Providing growth…Burning bright.


Darkness, according to some schools of thought, can harmonize in equilibrium with Lightness. How difficult would it be for you to run up on a man with lightning at their beck and call? It’s with this that I introduce you, dear reader, to some darker expressions. Expect more on it in the next post.

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