Creation of Concepts

Ever systematize the means by which you create your goals? After becoming crystal clear on where you’re going, the way to get there is pretty clear: is like a fishing spot, or more like a marathon race? Are you competing against a great white shark — for life — or is it for your greatest passion? Can your crystal clear vision be handed to another who wants in on your aspirations?

According to one of the marvelous autocorrect softwares available, Systemize should be corrected to Systematize. Type it into a browser, wordpad or Microsoft Office and see for yourself what happens. Pretty interesting – systematize feels like it’s out of a grand book of cartoons. And sure enough, a search reveals that this exists in about four (or more) different ways. If you’re crystal clear on the your intended impact, and you’re inspired to do something with cartoons, where the heck do you start?

A concept’s creation can be observed from the truth – what’s actually occurring with or without any human’s permission – and the things that we create. If we observed the concept, and attempt to reflect it in expression, is it really created anew to begin with? Like above, you might be able to verify some validity or lack of attention by doing several things around the internet. It doesn’t end there though, since the truth was present before the internet. What natural system might the internet reflect? And how about radio for that matter?

If this appears to be bullshit to you, I recommend digging deeper into the subject of critical thinking. Even so, here’s something I’d expect roughly 90% of you to drop after being exposed to it the first time around.

Full credit goes to Chris Brady.

An unadulterated demonstration of zones. This page took roughly five hours of driving, social disappointment, and overcoming several personal barriers. Don’t care about it? That’s okay, I have no interest of selling you on it. Regardless, it explains why apathy is going to destroy your ambitions if you let it grab you by the gonads.

Here’s a breakdown from my raw notes.

Dream, Eustress, Comfort, Distress and Dread are all present next to a continuum. Eustress and Comfort both oscillate, separated by one determining factor of personal initiative on a clearly defined path. You will see me reference habit and that will be a direct reference to this picture. I won’t reference this post much again since it’s present on this blog for free. Your reward, or perhaps good timing.

Between Eustress and Comfort is A. Between Comfort and Distress is B. Between Distress and Dread is C. Eustress (A), self-imposed stress, isn’t quite comfortable and so it doesn’t breach the comfort zone. Comfort (B) isn’t quite comfortable being uncomfortable, so it fails to reach the Eustress levels. Dread (C) is pushed away from the low-lows, miraculously in this case, and finds a place to settle, without really aspiring further. What’s wrong with a calm life?

Eustress (A) can be the fire that builds someone into what’s perceived as a 1%er, even though not everyone creates the 1% ratio of income. B and C can be seen as a quitter zone, and as you can see, I link it personally to quiet desperation.

“Going from dread to a dream, one must always go through the comfort zone.” – Chris Brady

Fear and apathy create a conceptual glass ceiling between the comfort zone and the Eustress zone. Assuming you actually want to achieve your dream instead of the dream, I hope this serves you.

Chris Brady

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