Focal Quotient

What wins the forefront of the mind?
A lover, an interest, the love of a sport?
Service to others, purpose or love,
a religious doctrine or a venomous tongue?

An unpublished passion, your great escapes;
a phantom life, the greatness of nature?
Angels or spirits, health or woe?
Finances in bliss, a credible pro?

The concerns of the mind, each for our own;
a freedom of minds, a freedom from lows?

If you’re familiar with Napoleon Hill’s work, you might remember the concept of ‘burning desire’ among reading the title of this post. Still, what exactly is a focal quotient? In question format: What is the purpose of keeping your health at its’ current levels? In a statement: The purpose of a specific quality, quotient.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

That great man’s sacrifices for Thought extends far beyond his time. For a civil conflict of interest, the worst you’re looking at is losing your job or some friends in some parts of the world. If there isn’t a purpose for a lower quality of an area of your life, I urge you to question it until you find out what you really want out of it. People like Socrates and Bertrand Russel have called it long before most of us were ever born. Knowing that, are you willing to act on this?

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