A Study of the Prosperous

What does ‘prosper’ mean to the sunflower? Totally unremarkable to the vast majority of us, it clings to life, doing everything that it can to thrive. Given the opportunity to flourish it will do so. The sunflower, like viruses, only need a few opportunities to flourish. Given ample opportunity, what would ‘prosper’ mean to our deodorant? And to the dollar bill? How about a piece of gold? What does ‘prosper’ mean to you? If the word is new to you, I suggest making it more specific than ‘successful’.

At the present moment in time, there are over two thousand billionaires that walk the earth today. Would you like to join them?

If the US Dollar was transferred into Japanese Yen, rounding down to the nearest hundred Yen, it takes roughly 10,000 USD to own one million Yen. It’s a good thing that wealth is measured in something else, yes? Under that rationale, anyone above the single’s poverty line in the United States could be considered a millionaire if the script was flipped. Everyone in the United States earning over that poverty line is earning more than a large amount of people by the numbers…

What can you learn from the prosperous animal? How about the focal point of your attention? Have you learned something new from your own experiences recently? And how about the masters with no incomes, but all the answers you want if you have the courage to ask?

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