Predictive Maintenance

Can you remember the last time you ‘just knew’ something was off, and you went to the doctor to get it checked out? How about a time you guestimated your way into a better circumstance than those around you in traffic? Get your oil changed on time without checking your sticker? You and your lifestyle are in use so why not use this concept for yourself?

If there’s no industry or study for it maybe you’ll find it in your lifestyle. Maybe you can foster it? Creating a work-life balance has already been demonstrated to save lives, for instance, regardless of the skepticism around the subject. Did that make it to your source for quality updated information?

Potential Avenues

Here’s some more information if you’d like to look deeper.

Coupled with preventative maintenance, not fear-based decisions, it’s pretty useful. Can you see it present in yourself? Technology does emulate humanity, after all.

An Aspirant’s Toolbox

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