Deep ‘No Idea’

Did you believe me when I said it couldn’t be comprehended? I was mistaken, as I was also in suggesting that anyone should consider thinking without a purpose, without context. Directing your thoughts is, as common sense might suggest, the fastest and surest way to victory. And mental wandering might just let you be like water — I mean Alice, and choose any route to your destination.

Beyond the word on a piece of paper is a symbol. The symbol holds its’ meaning in language. Beyond language is communication. Beyond communication is a human concept. Beyond the human concept is an idea. Beyond the idea is Thought. And for the sake of continuity, let’s presume that beyond Thought is Energy. Can you spot the jump from solely physical to solely mental, and the jump from solely mental to solely etheric in this sequence?

Beyond, meaning ‘outside of’, can paradoxically mean within as well. Since it only applies towards the physical to the mental, here’s the above stated again with reference to ‘within’ instead.

…As in within the word on the piece of paper is a symbol. Within the symbol is its’ meaning in language. And within language is communication. Within communication is a human concept. And within the human concept is an idea.

Potential Avenues

If you’re playing along, can you see how the seemingly incorrect word choice would scratch your mind a way – as if it’s wrong?

What’s right or wrong, after considering ethics, in an area where something or some-idea is waiting to be discovered?

Going Deep.

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