Deep Honesty.

Critical thinking is one of the best skills you can develop for yourself. It takes a growth mindset to understand the value of this skill since it takes personal initiative to ever recognize it to begin with, once you’re in the minutia. When staying true to yourself, you’ll be deceived, eventually, if you don’t put yourself first. Everything can be a lesson and the harshest lessons are definitely subjective.

When you have no core values identified, following honesty, integrity and dignity can lead you to the things that you value. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass, sometimes it’s a second chance. If you lose yourself in the minutia it’s a great place to start. These qualities can even resolve self deception when you take initiative on the mental level.

Minutia can be likened to the limits we impose on ourselves, and the matrix as many see it as today. Like the four minute mile, this demonstrates the power of demonstrative progress. It also demonstrates the power of fiction to be a driving force for awareness. And like almost any sentence in this series is intended to do, you might just find something valuable by giving it a chance.

The price of intellectual indolence can’t be seen by its’ purveyor until after you move past it, whether it’s in your youth or in your young ages over seventy. Have you made yourself a decision, a command, and followed it? It’s the pathway to power according to Tony Robbins, and the definition of discipline by Bob Proctor.

If you wanted to know how I come up with stuff like this on the daily, it comes from a place of service. I don’t ask myself how I can serve my readers often, I haven’t asked that question to myself since at least last November. A single person I know and a single person I don’t know personally, haven’t shaken hands yet, showed me they were interested in my work. Sixty thousand words later, I think it’s safe to say writing is an action. And an invisible advantage is work on mindset, habit keeping me going – no other paint needed on this canvas of action. Albeit half-assed in my opinion, it’s still an example. An example especially of what you can do and get started or continue in your own endeavor, dear reader.

Potential Avenues

What’s something you can do once a day to move you towards your goals

You can identify a question, an insight and an action out of almost any sentence in the human dictionary. If you’re creative, what do you want to play with? If you’re in a logical process, what are you creating?

What can you give life to with logic? It’s good enough for nature to use, why not use it yourself?

Going Deep.


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