Every single day, a few hundred studies are apparently released in different fields of science. Provided some of these studies are considered open access journals, there are plenty of ways to create variation. Let’s say you have a direction, which aspirants typically do. Find something that resonates with your values and fill in the blank. In other words, “do it now and figure out how it makes sense later.” – Gray Haddock, source. “If you are spending more time thinking about it than doing it, then you need to smack yourself and just get started.” – Gray Haddock.

This is part three of ‘Working with Abstractions’, start here.

Provided you stay true to bio-mechanics, why not explore varying routines regarding movement exercises? How about scientific discoveries and their verification? There’s always room for variation in the solutions that involve total practicing 100% responsibility? How about recent events and catastrophes, and the things you can actively do to contribute to them, such as volunteering, donating and praying? Check on your family and friends if they live in California.

“You cease to be excellent the moment you accept mediocrity in your life.” – Orrin Woodward

If you’re in the process of variation, I do not suggest violating this quote and lowering the bar. If you really pay attention you’ll know when you violate this before anyone else can ever notice it to begin with.

Gray Haddock (recent work)

Orrin Woodward

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