The present year is 2018. You may not have noticed but we slipped right past 7.5 billion people on the earth at this time. That means that 1% of the population is considered about 75 million individuals. That raw data can be applied to different statistics, such as the one about 10% of the population owning 90% of the wealth. 90% spread between 750 million people… It feels at all a little more possible, seeing the raw numbers?

Who stands vanguard at the gates of your mind? Is it you, or part of your conditioning? A great way to check this is to know whether you’re following your directions first. Your decisions before others’ choices ever come into play. Maybe you chose to surrender that decision – in gratitude or in learned helplessness. Can you see how an attitude can shape the reality of things?

Someone can share a grand epiphany – thoughts become things for many – and you can see it, work with it and use it like a light switch after someone shares it with you. Or maybe you might blow it off, like some do with supply and demand, never realizing the power that’s present in the lessons it holds. A wonderful thing it is, to stand vanguard at the gates of your mind. It’s a journey of total responsibility, and knowing where that personal responsibility ends – that’s for sure.

Where will you go, armed with the knowledge and experience that’s gotten you this far?

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