Stay Tuned for What?

Some suggest that the mind is like a tuning fork. While that may be applied to anything on this blog with great ease, that’s not what this is about. Staying tuned in to your own capacity to think for yourself is a measure of value that, like the easily observed measures of value, are present – and it is present, even without our own awareness of it within us.

Executors and doubt

Executors of a pursuit not intimately known by the masses today can reveal what might be considered a super power in the realm of practical results. There’s a tangible example in the history of computers, so let’s go there first. Professor Brailsford reveals to us that even an advanced subject such as computer science can be held back by sincere ignorance. Even after the revelations tens of years into the future, it still had people condemning it. Fast forward to today and there are things that are being ignored in the same fashion – never mind the reason.

Executors and results

Unlike computers, personal results can realize things that others may not esteem to be true or correct. Have your results ever suggested something that’s considered false by those you’re surrounded by? Tom Bilyeu wants you to be an executor, not just a dreamer; something tells me he likes competition, too.

Sometimes ideas have to simmer for a little bit in your mind before it clicks and you understand it. I feel confident in suggesting that it’s more likely to be the case for more abstract ideas than less abstract ideas. And like I suggested in the past, once we understand one abstract concept, we may understand them all.

Executors and execution

You may notice that there was no clearly defined end to this blog. I kept it open ended as a means of continuing my practice of writing publicly. While this is still the case, this post is meant for promise that I had given to stay tuned. Not that you need my permission for every use on this blog, but if you’ve stopped yourself out of fear, read this and this. Obviously, read the appropriate documents for your country if they apply to you. For the inspired executor – the individual – they may alleviate fear of putting yourself out there.

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