Images on the mind. The power of an image is demonstrated in troves in media all over the land – literally. Anywhere there are people there is the idea that transcends the photograph – the image on our mind. Does our capacity to take a photo mirror the things that we see on our mind? Or do we still have to play along, like games that some continue to condemn?

If someone can be an undisputed master one hundred years later, what could be for you if you choose to truly master something and contribute? Clearly there’s room to grow if the fiction that’s our previews is inspired by the history instead of the actual future, yes? The self perpetuating cycle of closed-circuit inspiration, dare I say it, might be holding us back.

So how can you reach past the places that have us playing along with progress? One way is by improving upon it – solving a problem. That’s also a reason many people go into business. Have you heard of ARM holdings? Their story might be an image you want to impress on your mind. I strongly urge you not to trample the buds of hope that their story might bring you. Doing so is like spilling a gallon of water on a half-dried painting. You can get the picture back with more work, or replace it entirely. How that relates to thought is another story entirely!

For every famous master, how many do you think are out there – not famous?

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