The roads, your friends, a calendar of events, the device you’re reading this on… The idea of a network transcends our understanding of it, yet it took us so many years to know it as it is today. Networking can be so fun and yet so daunting – the extremes are typically based in our attitudes if we’re even present to begin with!

Of all the things that networking could mean, it’s typically associated with expanding your social network – organically. That is, you speak with someone and develop a relationship with them. It could also point to the network of computers that may reach more devices than there are people alive (shout out).

I’ve taken to pre-qualifying individuals based on those I already follow. If someone appears on Mindvalley‘s platform, for instance, I’m a little more receptive to their work. It’s simple, the law of association. Yet it can be very difficult to tune in without mentally tuning out.

If you can’t do everything, but you’re connected with others who know other things, you can help each other learn new things faster. Kingdom Hearts started as a literal elevator pitch – in an elevator. South Park was a college project in its’ original inception. How’s that for awesome potential? What would you like to do with your network? Are you willing to grow it in order to create that reality?

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