What’s a Thoasp?

Thoasp is a noun – a person, place, thing or idea. Typically this is an idea, since thoughts are ideas. It may be an identity for you – to identify with your aspirations. Do you affirm that you are creating wealth? Considering how you achieved something that hasn’t happened for you yet? If you really embody it, that’s Thoasp.

Thoasp, pronounced “THôsp,” sounds like Though – sp.

Thoasp is also an acronym – Thoughts of an Aspirationist. An aspirationist is he or she who aspires. ‘Thoughts of those who Aspire’ doesn’t sound as good so just roll with it.

The Thoughts of an Aspirationist are the thoughts of those who choose to aspire.

Do you know of a better word for this? Please do share!

Introduction to Thoasp

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