Inherent in the intelligent commitment to any discipline, critical thinking skills can serve us in moving ourselves forward. It’s one thing to walk around the park every day and it’s another to grow through the experience. When everyone recognizes their genius, what value is given to commitment?

Using myself as an example, my commitment to this blog is one I hold to myself; at no point in the past three months did I state that I would post over the course of my day. Like that, some commitments and experiences don’t have to be committed to anyone but yourself. Necessity, curiosity and passion can all be assets to the capacity to commit, though. Here’s a bit from Neil Tyson and Neil Gaiman about it.

Can you see the state of being they talk about?

Commitment itself can mean to entrust, unlike production, action and doing. To me, it seems that commitment is analogous with trust. Do you feel that you can trust my commitment to write something thought provoking? How about something that aligns with the value you seek? It’s one of the ways you can qualify someone who has no track record.

On the subject of critical thinking and commitment, Neil has shared a list of books he thinks every intelligent person should read. If that’s you, that’s great. Here’s the link. If you don’t have the time, at least check out the lessons he suggests you reap from the books, that alone is phenomenal. Remember, a self directed means of thinking leads to original fruits.

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